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Morobe Province is a province on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea. The provincial capital, and largest city, is Lae. The province covers 33,705 km², with a population of 674,810 (2011 census), is the most populous province. It includes the Huon Gulf, the Markham River, and delta, and coastal territories along the huon gulf . The province has nine administrative districts, and 101 languages are spoken, including Kâte, Yabim, English and Tok Pisin are common languages in the urban areas.

Morobe is the gateway to the Highlands and boasts majestic mountains and lush rainforests filled with butterflies, orchids and tropical birds. The Huon Gulf provides excellent fishing and diving and there are good reefs around the coastal towns of Finschhafen, Salamaua and the Siassi Islands. Salamaua District also has war relics, swimming, snorkelling, and stunning walks to Mount Tambu for spectacular views.

Morobe Province curves around the tropical waters of the Huon Gulf. The Saruwaged Mountains, rising from the sea at the tip of the Huon Peninsula, are blanketed by tangled and impenetrable rainforest. To the south-west, the fertile Markham Valley rests between equally awesome ranges, while the waters between Huon Peninsula and New Britain are dotted with volcanic islands.

Lae is the capital of Morobe and Papua New Guinea’s second-largest city. It was once a tiny mission station before the 1920s gold-rush at Wau, and later developed into a major seaport. The town is well serviced by banks, hotels, department stores, markets and artifact shops. Gold mining, bird watching and butterflies can be seen around Wau and Bulolo in the hills south of Lae. Lae is linked to the Highlands by the Okuk Highway

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