What We Do

Morobe Tourism Authority was officially established to revive all the tourism activities in the province, ant to promote the activities through working in partnership with the Morobe Provincial Government, Tourism Promotion Authority and the rura communities in Morobe. Our main focus is to Revive, Manage and Promote tourism in the Provnce

We Revive

​​This function enables the authority to revive tourism in the province by way of identifying certain areas in the province that has the potential to be the tourism hubs. In this function, the MTA after identifying, it rehabilitate, redevelop and enhance the tourism sites or products. It does that by working with locals from the communities across the 9 electorates in the province.

We Promote

​​Promoting tourism in the Morobe Province is the second most important function of MTA. The bureau promotes the identified tourism products or sites by way of marketing, public relations, promotion and stakeholder partnership. Bureau, of behalf of the communities, promote the products to the local, district and provincial government to invest. It also market the product by means of using main stream media and other public relation and promotional activities to promote tourism in the Morobe Province.

We Manage

​​The management of tourism activities will be our main function as an organization responsible for this sector in the Morobe Provincial Government. We will manage on behalf of the people, the tourism hubs, products and sites by way of sourcing funds from government, private companies, donor agencies and individuals to support us to continue the works of reviving and promoting tourism in the province. We will be looking at managing events, accommodations and the tourism hubs/sites to ensure these products generate income for the local communities as well as the provincial and local level government.

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